Casa Mia Latin Cuisine is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Osmin and Alma Sariles. Osmin and Alma are two creative entrepreneurs, accomplished businessmen, strong team builders, customer relations gurus, and who, most importantly, have a passion for authentic Latin cuisine!

Osmin and Alma are the proud parents of three beautiful children, Victoria (21), Osmin Jr. “Ozzy” (5), and their newest addition, baby Liam (1 month). Victoria is married to Angel Arroyo who proudly serves in the Army! Their passion for Latin food continues to run in the family.


Osmin was born in New Jersey sometime after his parents immigrated from El Salvador in 1972. He grew up in the restaurant industry alongside them as they owned and operated three highly successful restaurants, Rincon Latino located in the greater Dallas Metroplex. Latin food is runs rampant through Osmin’s DNA.

Osmin has a unique perspective on hospitality with 20 years of experience managing hotels and boutique hotel brands. Osmin still hungers for furthering his expertise in the industry – working towards his Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management at DeVry University.


Alma was born in El Salvador and immigrated to Houston in 1992, 11 years after her parents did in 1981. Her passion for hospitality started 21 years ago managing boutique retail stores. This drive has taken her many places – from Caché to Guess to Agaci to BCBG and, currently, Everything but Water.

Left to right: Ozzy, Alma, Victoria, Osmin, Angel